How to decorate a bedroom in the Hampton style.

How to decorate a bedroom in the Hampton style.

How to decorate a bedroom in the style of a beach house?

Hampton style.

The name of the style comes from the towns of East Hampton and Southampton on Long Island – favorite places to rest rich Manhattan residents who even during the holidays did not want to give up the luxury they got used to. However, they realized that seaside villas looking like New York apartments would be in conflict with the beach climate of the area.


What is Hampton style

Style combine the classic elements of the decor with furniture and trinkets of rustic and colonial origin. The effect is amazing – the elegant interiors became cozy and unpretentious. This decided about the popularity of the Hampton style, first in American cities and later also in European cities. His world-wide career was accelerated by the film “Better late than later” in 2003, with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The action takes place, inter alia, in the house of the heroine arranged in this style.


Features typical for the Hampton style

Combining styles. Next to French chairs and armchairs and tables or cupboards typical of Victorian England put up comfortable contemporary couches. There are also colonial tables, baskets and trinkets wicker from rural craftsmen.

Items looking used and old. Items of equipment do not have to be respectable antiques. It is enough artificially aged, made, for example, of bleached wood, unevenly glazed ceramics, and fabrics dyed in such a way that they look like lightly washed.

Colors inspired by nature. Colors of sand, various shades of blues, grays (from light gray to falling into black) are supposed to evoke associations with the coastal landscape.

Accessories – Vegetable and marine decorations. They can be potted flowers, nature photographs or pictures, shells, starfish etc. taken from the sea.


How to decorate a bedroom in the style of  Hampton’s beach house?


Colors: Use pastel, warm colors for 60’s interiors or bright abstract patterns.

Furniture: Wood furniture in a warm shade. The legs of the bed, armchairs, cabinets arranged in the letter A. Furniture have rounded surfaces from bent plywood.

Bedding: natural materials, pastel colors, bright abstract pattern accents

Lamps: simple cylindrical shades. Lamp legs crossed

Rug: natural shades, neutral grey is good and practical choice


How to decorate bedroom beach style on the budget

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