6 Good advices how to decorate a  room with pillows

6 Good advices how to decorate a room with pillows

How to decorate room with pillows

Decorating with pillows is realy simple, just add two or three elements, that can change the entire look of your bedroom, livingroom or any other room.

6 Good advices how to decorate room with pillows from my friend interior designer


  1. Create groups of odd numbers. Best number is 3 or 5 depending on the size of your bed or coach. Most accessories, vases, frames, pillows look best in groups of three.
2. If you prefer symmetry do not overdo it with the amount and size of pillows. Your sofa or bed must still be visible
3. Mix sizes. Big fluffy pillows look more casual and comfortable, while small, tailored ones look more formal. Put the large pillows at the back of your couch, sofa, or other area to add height. The smaller pillows in the front will bring visual interest.
4. Combine different shapes, colors and textures. Use use square, rectangular and round cushions. Most of people prefere neutral, solid colors. Forget about it. Pillows are a low-stakes way to add color and playfulness to the space. Be brave use colors and facturers, go for bold accents, velvet or glitter pillows may change your room to glamourous space. Use contrast colors to your bed or sofa cover.  
5. Bedroom is special place where you can play up scale quite a bit. You can start with big square pillows than add two or four standard pillows and finish with rectangular pillows .
6. Do not use pillows which came with your bed or sofa. They are too depressing. The same fabric or similar colors as your bed or sofa make them invisible.

How to choose color scheme for your bedroom

How to choose colors for your pillows

The best way is to find complementary or contrasting colors to the main color dominating in your bedroom or living room. The main color is the color of bedspreads or sofa covers. This color will be the background for your pillows

If you do not have intuition in choosing colors, use tools.

The perception of a single color is different than perception of the very same color in combination with other colors. In the real world, it’s very rare to see a single color. Usually we perceive a combination of multiple colors – some are dominant, some are minor, some are similar, close to each other – while others are contrast and accented There are plenty of free tools to match colors in the internet or even aps for your mobile. Use one of them.

I like:

Paletton A designer tool for creating color combinations that work together well. Formerly known as Color Scheme Designer. Your base color is color of your sofa or bed cover. Mark this color on the screen and choose contrast collors (on the vertices of a triangle or a square)

Another tool I like is  Collors You can generate there your own color palette. Just press the spacebar.  Choose one color which maches your room, lock it and then press spacebar to change the rest of colors to fit it. When you are happy with the result just save and export your color palette. You can also browse thousands of color schemes and choose what looks nice for you. You can pick colors from images or convert them to palettes automatically. Make a photo of your sofa or bed. Load it to the computer an play. You can export your palette to PNG, PDF, SVG, SCSS file.

Spend some time to play colors and find your favorite combinations.

Color tools on your mobile phone

You can download free apps for example Color Harmony. Works similar like https://coolors.co/ You can check colors from your favorites photos.

Decorative pillows are the easiest way to switch up the look of your room without investing a lot of money. This accessory can add a whole new dimension to any room. Whether it’s your living room sofa or your bedroom chaise that’s in need of an upgrade, this dynamic piece of décor is sure to bolster the design element of your space.

How to match colors and patterns examples

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