How to decorate bedroom 60s style

How to decorate bedroom 60s style

Who does not love the 60’s style?

Today, more than ever, the midcentury modern look is everywhere. Have you seen “Mad Men” series? Yes this is the style. More than half of the featured homes in fashionable magazines prominently include midcentury furniture pieces.

60’s interiors characterize by clean simplicity and integration with nature

Combination of natural, traditional materials with plastics was an innovative procedure that guaranteed a modern form of furniture. High-quality wool and wood were combined with bent plywood and black metallic legs create a unique composition in a distinctive style. As in the 1950s and 1960s, this combination demonstrates the pursuit of new trends and respect for natural materials. The project of a combination of modernity and respect for technology of the past guarantees us that the project is timeless.

How to decorate bedrrom 60’s style?

Colors: Use pastel, warm colors for 60’s interiors or bright abstract patterns.

Furniture: Wood furniture in a warm shade. The legs of the bed, armchairs, cabinets arranged in the letter A. Furniture have rounded surfaces from bent plywood.

Bedding: natural materials, pastel colors, bright abstract pattern accents

Lamps: simple cylindrical shades. Lamp legs crossed

Rug: natural shades, neutral grey is good and practical choice

Accessories: plastic or porcelain vases with geometric shapes




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